Elegant Alchemy.

Cultivating a rich inner world whilst creating an elegant outer one.

Elegant Alchemy is a commitment to cultivating a rich inner world whilst creating an elegant outer one. Because both are necessary ingredients for the elixir of a life well lived.

Alchemy is what we do. Elegant is how we do it.

“What makes Rima’s coaching so special is the exceptional personal qualities she brings to bear on her work: she is warm, grounded, sensible, intelligent, perceptive, pragmatic, an exceptional listener and has an unwavering ability to cut right to the point in the most tactful way or to ask the pivotal question that brings clarity and direction.”

- Carmel, Natural Health Practitioner


Rima Nouri writing Newsletter

A Special Newsletter

There are newsletters and there is Le Petit Mot.

Each time I read Le Petit Mot I feel that I should send you money for a coaching session, because I’m getting so much out of it!”


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a beautiful online community of international women. We strive to cultivate a rich inner world whilst creating a beautiful outer one.

At Elegant Alchemy we start each week with Le Petit Mot, where Rima shares exclusive content to inspire and guide you through the week. Topics cover practical How-to’s to upgrade your home, prompts for your Self-Coaching, laser-focused questions and food for thought to inspire you to live your best life – inside and out!