Alchemy is what we do.

Elegant is how we do it.

The wicker chair makes a satisfying creak as you settle into your seat at the small cafe table and savour your first sip  of your café crème. The sounds of the city wash over you as la tour Eiffel watches in the distance. You feel the softness of your scarf, as it brushes against your cheek. You think about how each second is passing and how, right now, they all feel just right. You feel at peace.

Paris is a one-of-a-kind city. Her elegance and simple luxuries are not just in the beauty of the architecture and the world class food, but in the mindset of those who walk her avenues. To truly make this place your home is to embrace what it means to really love. Indeed, Paris offers a lens through which we can experience the world no matter where we live. With subtle, small movements – gracefully engaged with thoughtful intention, we can create the same qualities of ease, beauty, sexiness, and delight in our own little corner of the world.

For me, an elegant woman is one who is on a path to becoming the best possible version of herself – inside and out. Who knows how to love and be loved.

Who lives and loves her life with attitude and panache.

Who knows how to laugh and how to cry.

Who is devoted to her values, and yet doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Who cultivates flair, style, and joie de vivre.

And who is not afraid to change.

Because change IS alchemy, if you let it be.

Change, growth, transformation.

Taking little, daily steps to gradually shift from where you sit now to where you want to be.

Enhancing what works well already.

Taking what we believe to be our flaws, our problems, and our shortcomings through an elegant process that creates new life.

From dull to dreamy.

From old to new.

From just surviving to filled with joy.

Elegant Alchemy is a commitment to cultivating a rich inner world whilst creating an elegant outer one.

Because both are necessary ingredients for the elixir of a life well-lived.

Alchemy is what we do. Elegant is how we do it.

It is my deep desire to help you see the elegance that already exists within you so you can truly, deeply know your worth and love the life you’ve created.

Elegant Alchemy is for women who:

  • yearn for more inner and outer expressions of elegance in their everyday life
  • know in their hearts that they are ready for a change, even if they don’t yet know what that looks like or how to make it happen
  • are ready to get off the hamster wheel of blame, shame, and overwhelm for good
  • seeking to transform their inner and outer worlds from dull stagnation to vibrant elegance
  • want to start right now!

Here’s how everything works…

Un, The Encounter

Pour yourself a cup of tea, pick up the phone and let’s chat! My red velvet rope policy is to only work with a handful of women at a time – that way I can give you the time, energy and focused attention of high quality coaching you’re entitled to. That’s why every single client relationship I have starts with a light-hearted, no strings conversation to find out if we click or not.

How will I know if  we’re ready to do great work together?

When you’re ready to take your own desires seriously. 

When you’re done with the blaming-yourself-and-others-game and willing to take exquisite action towards those desires. 

When we feel like we can trust each other and we find ourselves laughing about the same things.

How will you know if you want to continue our journey together after The Encounter?
When you enjoyed our initial conversation and are already looking forward to the next one.

When you feel like – finally! – you’re no longer alone with your questions.

When you’re excited, and a bit scared, and at the same time can’t wait to get started for good.

Feel familiar? Then voilà! We’re a good match and you’re ready!

“Rima, already after our first conversation I could feel how my energy came back!” Patricia

Deux, The Desire

I do not believe that you need to be fixed. I do believe that you already have everything it takes to be(come) the woman you desire to be and to live a life – your life – of style and substance. But you can’t yet see it, or  you don’t see a way to get there, or you’ve hit an obstacle too big to overcome it all by your own.

Our work together is not about focusing on what’s “wrong”.

(You already know all about that.)

Focusing on your problem is not going to lead you to your true elegance, your vision, your dreams and desires. On the contrary, it blocks you and saps your energy for moving forward.

This is why we’re going to take a different route, starting out developing your personal vision of what your elegant life could look like – and a specific plan for creating the alchemy to make that happen from a place of joy and abundance, at your very own pace.

When Rima coaches you, something incredible and hard to describe happens. She asks a few, well placed questions and there you are, right at your truth. It was a truly magic moment when I could feel what I want (where did that surface from so quickly?!) and realised that I had all the resources to do it. Even the patience to take it step by step. Thank you, Rima! You do magic.” Melanie

Trois, The Conversation

Once we know where we’re going and how we’re going to get there, we dive in with both feet! I’ll be at your side every step of the way, using every last bit of my experience, undivided attention, and precise intuition to co-create your Elegant Alchemy. Through a series of unique and transformational conversations you’ll get practical input, laughter, deep questioning, sparkling brainstorming, and unconventional ideas.

And soon enough, clarity starts to emerge. You stop apologizing for what you want and who you are. You see windows where before you saw walls!

Life will look lighter. You get this delightful sense of joie de vivre, first in your energy, then in your body, then in your habits. Then suddenly, people around you will start to notice the change in you – because you’re no longer stuck on the hamster wheel of overwhelm, shame and blame..

(Wouldn’t that feel nice?)

Long story short: you end up upgrading your life in  your very own way.

Ladies who embraced their inner and outer Elegant Alchemist have found the strength, courage and energy to:

– Save their marriages and leave toxic relationships

– Free themselves of decades of clutter

– Completely turn  around their relationship with food

– Boost their careers and their paychecks

– Become mothers

– Organise their time

– Heal their bodies

– Overcome sterile perfectionism

And most importantly, see the choices they have and unapologetically enjoy life!

Whether you want to leap, to saunter or to take your time – after each conversation you will have a practical solution, a specific next step, a new tool, an action plan.

“My conversation with Rima was incredibly powerful. I accessed a sacred wildness within myself that had been begging to be released for quite some time. Through an alchemical blend of acceptance and challenge, I made space for more parts of my authentic self.” Mattie

Quatre, The Questions

Cultivating elegance is a whole-life endeavor, and alchemy doesn’t only happen during precisely-scheduled coaching hours. That’s why every other Monday morning, you’ll get three carefully curated questions, written just for you and your situation, designed to deepen your work throughout the week. You can choose to answer them by email or just think or act upon them and bring them to the next session.

They will be thought-provoking. They will be surprising. They will be hands-on. And they will carry you forward, create a link between our sessions and get you out of any mental mazes you may find yourself in.

“When I find myself faced with a problem now, I remember your way to ask me questions that always lead to a solution. So you are my nearly daily guide, even now after our coaching relationship.” Petra

Cinq, The Experience

The beautiful thing about creating an elegant life is that it’s a never-ending process – as you grow, your desires and possibilities follow suit.

Similarly, our work is an ongoing process, not a one-and-done. Because, chérie, let’s be very honest for a moment: while it is absolutely possible to understand a problem and gain some new perspective in one or two sessions, applying, assimilating, and living is a totally different process, is one that you need an ongoing partnership to achieve.

Together, we’ll find your flow — and over time, make it into a lifestyle in which elegance and alchemy are the norm, rather than fleeting moments of beauty and dreams about “someday”.

“Rima, when you take a piece in your hand, it’s transformed.” Alexandra

What is your decision?

If you’ve made it this far, a part of you wants to know more – that elegant woman inside of you is ready and waiting to blossom. And the first step really is a simple as saying “Bonjour“.

Follow here to schedule your first call.

You don’t have to know exactly what you want. You just have to have an inkling of how you’d like to feel.

I can’t wait to hear about it,