Alchemy is what we do.

Elegant is how we do it.

The wicker chair makes a satisfying creak as you settle into your seat at the small cafe table and savour your first sip  of your café crème. The sounds of the city wash over you as la tour Eiffel watches in the distance. You feel the softness of your scarf, as it brushes against your cheek. You think about how each second is passing and how, right now, they all feel just right. You feel at peace.

Paris is a one-of-a-kind city. Her elegance and simple luxuries are not just in the beauty of the architecture and the world class food, but in the mindset of those who walk her avenues. To truly make this place your home is to embrace what it means to really love. Indeed, Paris offers a lens through which we can experience the world no matter where we live. With subtle, small movements – gracefully engaged with thoughtful intention, we can create the same qualities of ease, beauty, sexiness, and delight in our own little corner of the world.

For me, an elegant woman is one who is on a path to becoming the best possible version of herself – inside and out. Who knows how to love and be loved.

Who lives and loves her life with attitude and panache.

Who knows how to laugh and how to cry.

Who is devoted to her values, and yet doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Who cultivates flair, style, and joie de vivre.

And who is not afraid to change.

Because change IS alchemy, if you let it be.

Change, growth, transformation.

Taking little, daily steps to gradually shift from where you sit now to where you want to be.

Enhancing what works well already.

Taking what we believe to be our flaws, our problems, and our shortcomings through an elegant process that creates new life.

From dull to dreamy.

From old to new.

From just surviving to filled with joy.

Elegant Alchemy is a commitment to cultivating a rich inner world whilst creating an elegant outer one.

Because both are necessary ingredients for the elixir of a life well-lived.

Alchemy is what we do. Elegant is how we do it.

It is my deep desire to help you see the elegance that already exists within you so you can truly, deeply know your worth and love the life you’ve created.

Elegant Alchemy is for women who:

  • yearn for more inner and outer expressions of elegance in their everyday life
  • know in their hearts that they are ready for a change, even if they don’t yet know what that looks like or how to make it happen
  • are ready to get off the hamster wheel of blame, shame, and overwhelm for good
  • seeking to transform their inner and outer worlds from dull stagnation to vibrant elegance
  • want to start right now!

Here’s how everything works…

Un, The Letter

The Letter is how we get to know each other. You send me an email telling me all about yourself and your best hopes and dreams. The Letter immediately propels you into the Alchemy of Elegance and the vision you have for yourself. Writing accesses your creativity and ignites excitement and connecting to what you want and who you want to be. The Letter will demand your undivided attention. In The Letter, you want to make every word count.

What are you going to write about, you wonder? Your definition of an elegant life is unique in all the world. What does it mean for you? What are your best hopes? What are you really good at? What do you most struggle with? What do you truly wish for? How do you feel about our adventure together? I look forward to reading your Letter and uncovering what matters most to you.

Deux, The Conversation

This is a lighthearted and fun way to see if we click, no strings attached. We’ll talk and laugh and you can ask me all the questions you can think of. No matter how weird or wonderful – every question is welcome! And I might even have a couple of unusual questions myself.

How will you know if you want to continue our journey together after we chat? Good question. When we really want something we feel excited, and a bit scared, and at the same time we can’t wait to get started. Is this how you feel? Then voilà! We are a good match and you are ready!

Trois, The Desire

We are going to highlight your very own elegance right from the start: with one simple and enjoyable, yet incredibly powerful exercise you’ll be able to create your personal vision of what an elegant life and of an elegant lifestyle should look like – inside and outside!

You already know what you don’t want any longer and what your problems are. However, focusing on your problem is what’s keeping you separated from your true essence, your vision, your dreams and desires, it’s what blocks you to find the energy on how to get there.

I do not believe that you need to be fixed, I do believe in your Desires!

Quatre, The Journey

I’ll be at your side every step of the way. All my experience, my undivided attention and my precise intuition are totally yours to make Elegant Alchemy happen for you! This is a time for discovery, plans, laughter, tears, listening to your soul, profound questioning, crazy ideas, sparks and light bulb moments. Your Elegant Alchemy will inspire you to go out and to live life!

Cinq, The Reflection

Night is not complete without Day, Yin is not complete without Yang, and The Journey is not complete without The Reflection. You try out new things and your perspective shifts. The changes you experience might be exciting, uncomfortable, or a little bit of both. The Elegant Alchemy process demands time to think, to assimilate, to process, and to savour. What went well? What could go better? Where you want more help? What you are proud of? My feedback will help you to set the space and to adjust directions.

Six, The Celebration

This is the most important part of the program! A woman who knows how to celebrate her life with all its ups and downs — who knows how to celebrate herself, with all her flaws and fabulousness — is simply an irresistible person to be around! Honour and celebrate yourself and watch how things shift! With The Celebration we shall end on a high note: a couple weeks after your Elegant Alchemy journey ends, we’ll meet again over the phone and pop the champagne to toast to your hard work and celebrate the woman you are now!

This process unfolds over the course of roughly three months.


6x – bi-weekly 60 minute coaching sessions

1x – 30 minute celebratory call

6x – coachings by email

1800,- Euro or 3 payments of 665,- Euros each


To begin, connect with Rima via email: You will receive a response and further instructions, as well as a link to set up a time to chat within 48 hours.