Compliments are good for the soul. People say the loveliest things….

“I came to work with Rima to get clarity about a decision I was finding impossible to make. I was so stuck and the more thinking I did about it, the more stuck I became.
Enter Rima, providing a supportive, non-judgemental space, listing deeply, never trying to push or influence or tell me what to do, but seeking first to understand exactly where I was coming from and then helping me to explore all the options, gently pointing out possibilities I never would have thought of, and then allowing me the space to come to my own conclusions.

What makes Rima’s coaching so special is the exceptional personal qualities she brings to bear on her work: she is warm, grounded, sensible, intelligent, perceptive, pragmatic, an exceptional listener and has an unwavering ability to cut right to the point in the most tactful way or to ask the pivotal question that brings clarity and direction.
Once I had clarity, my decision was easy and then Rima helped me plan out all the steps to make it a reality.
When you are working one-to-one with Rima, you always know that she is on your side and in your corner. But you can also depend on her to look at your situation objectively, to ask the hard questions that make you think, and to be savvy and strategic on your behalf when it’s time to make a plan.
I can say with certainty that I achieved more during 2 months of working with Rima than I had in the previous 2 years, trying to do it alone.
Thank you, Rima!”

- Carmel

Natural Health Practitioner

Working with Rima instilled in me the unshakeable belief that I am capable of achieving anything.

Before working with Rima, I was overwhelmed trying to balance working long hours with my personal responsibilities and family issues. I felt like I wasn’t strong enough to handle everything coming my way, and I wasn’t able to get enough space in my mind and heart to find a reasonable way out.

Almost immediately after we started our first session, I had a much clearer view on what my goals were, who I am, and how I apply this in my day-to-day efforts. She made me believe in myself, instilling in me that I was capable of achieving anything when I applied my efforts with the correct approach and positive mindfulness.

I would highly recommend personal coaching with Rima, I am very thankful for her wisdom and support.”

- Daniela

Medical Doctor

Rima saved me!

After having spent 20 years in the corporate world, with set working hours and a fixed structure, I had been struggling during the last two years as an independent business owner. I didn’t manage to organize myself, to determine with clarity my priorities and more than anything I exhausted myself and didn’t give myself any free time at all. In short, I was heading straight towards a burnout.

Rima’s global approach – which covered everything from managing my mindset to tidying my home! – combined with her sincere benevolence, generosity, and tact, allowed me to take action.

Our work together has left me with a way of living and working that’s both more efficient, and, even more importantly, based in serenity and contentment, instead of stress and struggle.

- Caroline

Natural Health Practitioner

How do you do this? Finding time and especially for something that YOU WANT? I was curious to find out about this magic recipe. When Rima coaches you, something incredible and hard to describe happens. She asks a few, well placed questions and there you are, right at your truth. It was truly magic moment when I could feel what I want (where did that surface from so quickly?!) and realised that I had all the resources to do it. Even the patience to take it step by step. Thank you, Rima! You do magic.

- Melanie


“I met Rima at one of her workshops, which was very interactive and instructive. After the workshop I asked Rima to coach me personally for a short time which proved to be so beneficial that I continue to work with her! She is intuitive, asks the kind of questions which allow me to gain a healthy perspective on any given situation, especially in regards to my professional environment. The coaching gives me awareness of my worth, my resources and my capabilities, independently of my gender and age…

If I may use an image from mountain-climbing: I was at half way without any perspective, now I’m progressing slowly but surely towards the peak.
Rima directs me towards a higher vision, and the barriers start to fall!”

- Madeleine


“I dreamt of a home where I would experience relief and wellbeing ALL THE TIME, not only after a major clean-up and I discovered Rima’s work. She taught me how to transform my life by simplifying my space. And – miracle! – it worked!”

- Julia

Feng Shui Consultant

“The sessions I have with Rima have not only been helpful but equally revealing. Her approach is very different, she dives deep beyond what I want and need.

Rima makes me see the truth behind my goals and from there, she weaves in the fluid ways I can follow to be able to achieve them. The process has been very engaging, exciting, and inspiring! Thank you Rima!”

- Sheila


“Rima, after one coaching session with you I made more progress with my issue than in the last five years on my own. I particularly appreciated your (surprising) questions. I’m still thinking about them. AND you managed to get me into action right away!

- Kirsten


Have you had a conversation with Rima yet? I just had a call with her that ended with me declaring, “I don’t want to make a dent in the Universe, I want to knock a wall down to make more room.”

And now I am going through my entire wardrobe to get rid of anything that I won’t look completely hot in while knocking down Universe walls.

For the love of all things mindblowing, go schedule a call with her if you have not already. She’s the shit for real.

- Audrey

Yoga Instructor and Coach

“Initially I booked a training session with Rima to prepare for a presentation in front of a group of investors, which I apprehended to give in English. The coaching helped me far beyond my initial demand! First of all I developed the courage to face my fears and to start again, even if I lost my way or had a “blank“.

And more importantly, Rima inspired me to take myself and my message seriously. Her support gave me the structure and the ease to stay connected to the content of my message – and this carried me through my speech!”

- Karin


“I came to know Rima during a workshop on “How to say No”. Her fresh and practical approach had pleased me a lot and so I reverted to her quite naturally when I was looking for a coach to help me “declutter” my professional me. And it was not only revealing on the professional side, but also on the personal side, including my wardrobe !

Rima is truly interested in YOU, helps you to see what YOUR goals are and is relentlessly on YOUR back to help you focus when you deviate.

I warmly recommend her, for anybody, men and women.”

- Suzanne


“Thank you very much for supporting me during a very difficult period.

With the help of your understanding, your structure and your practical approach, I was able to change things in a tangible manner.

- Dorothee


To say it like the James Bond girl, Vesper: “There are coaches and Coaches.” Rima belongs to the latter…

What makes Rima so special is not only her voice but also the quality of her vision and her perception. Even over the phone she is able to feel exactly where I am at as a client; she guides me carefully until I see the solution. Rima does all this with an expert hand, with warmth and empathy – but she is also firm and clear in her expectations as to change. She can really help you change your life – I can only recommend her!”

- Kirsty


“To me the work with Rima is not work at all – rather a help to help myself. Of course it’s not always easy to act upon the impulses received during the sessions. If it were that easy, I wouldn’t need her! But whatever the ‘homework’ may be, it is do-able, especially because I’m not alone, as I can reach Rima any time via email in between coaching sessions. Rima gives me short and to the point feedback and input, where she shows both caring empathy and a no-nonsense ‘kick-up-the-the-butt’ approach! I appreciate the coaching sessions being on the phone rather than in person, because it is easier to talk about certain things. Having enough time between the sessions is very beneficial, too, as sometimes change takes time – and Rima helps me to recognize that change did indeed happen!

Rima is not one of those wannabe know-it-all therapists, but rather a companion in a dynamic process, and sometimes a safety buoy when the waters become deep! Each coaching conversation leaves me enriched and empowered, and I’m looking forward to the next one!”

- Kerstin

Interior Designer

Dearest Rima,

I just want to tell you that you are making a difference in many women’s lives. In mine to start with. You are a marvelous woman and I really want to thank you for all your effort and energy you are putting in. It is very helpful.

Love you!

- Nicoline


“After a very disappointing experience in a training course at Eurocontrol I went to Rima’s course. It was great! At the end of the day I had the real solutions Rima had promised!”

- Marie-Thérèse

Management Facilitator

“I have started to work with Rima to get more clarity about myself and my path before deciding on my next life-chapter. I’ve been searching for the right direction, but found something even more important: inner trust, calmness and confidence.

Her guiding questions and sometimes confronting but eye-opening observations have helped me to understand myself better and build a life: fitting to who I am and I’ll become.”

- Ibolya

Financial Analyst

Dear Rima, thank you your coaching. I was muddling through unsatisfying states and situations, rather than stopping, saying “no”, and taking necessary steps.

It was a very good experience for me. I needed a roadmap. You were skilfully navigating my meanderings in order to bring it back to concrete behaviours. You were very right about me starting at the wrong end, trying to decide my future while feeling conflicted about so many things. To achieve a balanced state before having to choose. As much as this is possible, this is the way to go.

Thank you for joining me for a part of the way.

- Bärbel

Coach and Trainer

“Trying to gain more time, we all read “How-To’s” which seem so obvious that we feel guilty right away for not being able to follow them…

But working with Rima is different. She listens on a different level, and this gives us energy and confidence. She knows how to transform something apparently tedious into something truly positive, something we can work on right away. Rima sees better than I do, what works, which are the small successes to build upon. As she repeats “We water the roses, not the weeds” And the roses keep growing!”

- Laure

Researcher and Engineer

“I first encountered Rima in one of her seminars, which gave me motivation and many ideas. I learned about the subconscious awareness of things left undone.
So I requested private sessions with Rima. I learned to let go of things, and wonder of wonders, she helped me resolve a legal situation over which I had been procrastinating and which involved an important benefit to me. Thank you, Rima”

- Ursuline

Jazz Singer

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