Time to make your next act your most beautiful yet.

Bonjour mon amie,

I see you.

Yes. You.

I see you staring back at me. Wondering if all the pretty pictures are just for show. Wondering if I really am who I say I am. Wondering if I can show you all the beauty you hold within you. Wondering what my story is.

I see you.

Drinking long-cold tea from a mug you don’t like all that much but just haven’t bothered to throw away.

I see you. Drinking your cold tea and wishing your life looked altogether different.

Wishing you felt different..

Less blocked. More joyful. More full of life (with beautiful mugs and hot tea).

Wishing you could just transport yourself to Paris or Rome or New York – and be wrapped in a life that feels open, expansive, beautiful.

That YOU feel open, expansive, beautiful.

I see you.

And I’m with you.

My heart is with yours.

And I’m here to tell you that the feeling you crave – the desire for more in your life – doesn’t have to go on just being a longing. It was possible for me and it is possible for you.

But it’s the longing that has to change. Your longing must become a deeply personal journey. An internal venture of delicious dreaming and inspired action.

Because beauty, mon amie is everything.

It is a template for navigating life.

The pursuit of it turns our focus toward what is most essential to our happiness.

Elegance shows us how to see beyond the dross of everyday struggles and frees us to be our truest selves — to shine, to un-complicate our lives, to move ever closer to the center of our soul.

Elegance helps us to capture those exquisite moments where alchemy happens, with yourself, and with the people and objects around us.

That transformation truly is alchemy.

That is my work, and my invitation to you. To illuminate the dark places that hide your light. To show you how to shift what you have into what you most deeply desire. To ignite energy around your biggest dreams. And to do it with a quality, elegance, and style all your own .

True elegance is lightning in a bottle, manifested in unexpected ways.

It is about luxurious living, but not about expensive ‘stuff’.

You can find it in the perfect croissant on less-than-perfect days.

Or the moment when simple red wine becomes a magical elixir when elevated by great conversation.

In the elation when you put on lipstick in the morning as a sign to yourself that you are awake and alive.

In the deep joy when you finally stop waiting to lose those 15 pounds, put on a elegant dress and allow yourself here and now to be the beautiful woman you are.

This is what Elegant Alchemy is – a journey of discovering the unexpected as a path to a happier life.

It’s a road I know well. I came to Paris as a young girl. Eager for adventure and change, but terrified of the world. I was supposed to stay for just three months. That was 25 years ago. I spent the better part of my life in one of the most remarkable places on earth, searching for what made ME remarkable. Paris reminded me every day that it was time to actually LIVE the beautiful life I had come here  for in the first place. To actually find the elegance I always wanted. To BE one of those Parisian women  who combines elegance with panache, attitude with simplicity, joie de vivre with the demands of her everyday life. My evolution was slow and steady, and took me to raising three children, various careers and successes that I outgrew, coaching training, through divorce, and out the other side – to a home I created to be just as I want it – and to a life which is not perfect, but which I’m in love with. To a career where I feel truly at home, where I have the deep privilege of taking the hand of women just like me and showing them what’s possible for them.

My work is MY elegant life.

I honor my own journey by guiding others to theirs.

Because I see you.

And you are not broken.

And it is not too late.

Let me prove it to you. 

It’s time to shift what’s not working in your life. Time to create a life filled with beauty and fortified with elegance.

Time to make your next act your most beautiful yet.

Take my hand.

I know the way.