Change your Home,

Change Your Life

Who will you become?

You get to choose. Your Home can make it happen.

Are you ready to let go of the struggle and constant overwhelm?
Are you ready to stop waiting and step into action?
Are you ready to become clear on what you truly want?
Are you ready to live as your best Self?

If you are, you’re at the right place.

Are you ready to change your life?

Let’s start by changing your home!

Bonjour, mon amie,

I’m Rima Nouri, certified Life Coach, founder of Elegant Alchemy and Parisienne by heart.
There was a time when I had no idea that I could achieve the much-needed change in my life via changing my home. (And even if someone had told me about it, I wouldn’t have known where to start!).

But how could your home help transform your life?

Your environment is the invisible hand that shapes you. Changing your home is not just about decluttering a drawer or repainting the entry door. It’s a journey of creating an environment that will make you feel completely different – like the woman you want to be(come).

There was a time when neither my home nor I seemed to fit these descriptions in any possible way.

I was longing for a beautiful home and a beautiful life, but it seemed completely out of reach. 

I knew that I was capable of so much more than what I was living, but I felt stuck in my everyday life. 

I wanted to create meaningful work, but I was afraid of being visible.

I wanted to have value and feel valued, but I was tolerating behaviour from myself and others that deep down I knew was unacceptable.

I was wrought by overwhelm – and my home looked like it.


The worst part? I thought this was my normal.









So how did it all change?

It changed with my Home.

One day I was done with living in a home that was light years away from the elegant haven I dreamt of.

I became clear on the kind of home I wanted to live in and set out to create it. If I could not change my life, I could at least change my home!

Soon I noticed how the transformations in my home created transformations in my life. 

  • The better I felt about my home, the better I felt about myself. 
  • In creating step by step a home that I loved, I connected more and more to a life I loved.
  • Each time I decided what I wanted to happen in my home, the courage and energy to decide what I wanted to happen in my life became stronger.

Today my home is my favourite tool to create a life I love and to help my clients to do the same – to amazing results, such as …

  • Becoming fully organised with their home, their time, their finances.
  • Going from single to happily married with a family.
  • Quitting an unsatisfying job and starting their dream business.
  • Freeing themselves from toxic relationships.
  • Moving to their perfect home.
  • Building a business and/or negotiating a significant raise.


The best part of this journey is who you become.

I’d like to invite you personally to join me at Change Your Home, Change Your Life.


** enrollment in this course is only available for a limited time **

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Here’s exactly what you will discover in this course

A GUIDED AND PLAYFUL PROCESS: The only requirements are to have a home and the willingness to look at it with new eyes.

Enter your Home on October 25th, 2021

Module 1: Connection

You will start your Elegant Alchemy journey by connecting to YOUR vision: of your ideal life, of the woman you want to be and the home she lives in.

You will discover

  • A powerful exercise that will give you a clear and vibrant vision of what your ideal life in your ideal home looks like
  • The clues that show your current home is already connected to that vision

  • A clear action plan that will bring you closer to that vision

Module 2: Clarity

Once you are connected to your vision,  you need a clear space to create it. With clarity comes expansion – towards your ideal life and your ideal Self.

You will discover

  • Which things and parts of your home provide clarity
  • How to become crystal clear in your interaction with your home – and subsequently in every other area of your life
  • How to use your home to master the art of making the right decisions

Module 3: Confidence

Confidence can be cultivated. In creating a home that will prove you have every reason to be confident, your confidence will grow by leaps and bounds. 

The hidden clues in your home that betray where you don’t trust yourself and how to turn them around.

You will discover

  • The one pivotal shift that will have you start every day with confidence (and how to anchor it in your home)
  • The hidden clues in your home that betray where you don’t trust yourself and how to turn them around

  • What to do when you don’t know what to do

Module 4: Commitment

Rather than white-knuckling your way through life when it comes to commitment, learn how to set up a home where your commitment is fuelled elegantly by inspiration, focus and discipline.

You will discover

  • How your home can become a constant source of inspiration where you need it most
  • How to set up every room so that it enhances your own focus and eliminates distraction
  • How to create clues in your home that will make you stick to a discipline hardly noticing it

Module 5: Consistency

As Aristotle put it: “You are what you repeatedly do.” Discover how your home can help you to deal with boredom, make consistency your new normal and stick to what you truly want vs. what you just want at the moment. 

You will discover

  • The power of routines and how to keep them interesting
  • The beauty of rituals 

  • How to harness the power of automation

Module 6: Continuity

Elegant Alchemy is a way of life, not a done-and-dusted recipe. It is driven by continuity. Discover how to maintain your vision throughout life’s joys and challenges.

You will discover

  • The amazing efficiency of rewards and how your home can provide them for you
  • Why you need constant reminders in your home

  • How to create your very own treasure box to see you through those off-moments

The result?

You will be clear about your vision of how you want to feel and how you want to live. You will experience the  abundance that comes with being surrounded by an environment that corresponds already to the woman you want to be and the empowerment of having created it yourself. 

You will be clear about your vision of how you want to feel and how you want to live. You will experience the  abundance that comes with being surrounded by an environment that corresponds already to the woman you want to be and the empowerment of having created it yourself. 

What Women say about

Change your Home, change your Life

“Do you want your home to be a support to the best version of your life? Would you like to identify accessible modifications in  your physical environment that can change your life? Would you like to inspire and get inspired by a community of elegant alchemists? Then this course is a good idea for you.”

- Natacha

“This course was/is a life changer! I had been floundering in my life with several changes and a downsize/move. I lacked clarity and focus. I needed an opportunity for a fresh start and that’s EXACTLY what this course offered me! I have found my inspiration, crystal clarity and focus! Rima is kind, well-spoken, educated and inspiring…with a great sense of humor!

I HIGHLY recommend this course!!”

- Bridget

"I'm growing emotionally."

by Juliane

“I started this course with skepticism and curiosity. I thought maybe it’s like feng shui. But it goes far beyond how to work with energy in your home. It connected me with the feeling of being alive. I feel like a queen in my home after the improvements I made. If you want to change your life and you don’t know where to begin – the best start is at home.”

- Petra

"I'm coming closer and closer."

by Kicki

Change Your Home Change Your Life is an 8 weeks’ journey that includes:

  18 Life changing lessons in video, audio and written format

You can download the transcripts or watch or listen to the lesson – whatever your favourite way of learning, we’ve got you covered!

18 Worksheets

Each lesson comes with a beautiful worksheet designed to be clear with your thoughts, streamline your working through the lesson and create your personal library.

6 Group coaching calls with Rima

Every week you’ll join Rima and the community to ask your questions and get coached through any obstacles or challenges you are facing. You will also learn how the other participants are experiencing the lessons and get ideas, help and inspiration. These calls are priceless.

2 x Integration Weeks

Week 4 and 8 of the program will be free from lessons and live sessions to allow you room and space to catch up and integrate. Well rested, you will then be in great shape for the Action Days at the end of each integration week.

2 Action Days with Rima

These days are magical! You will get more done than you ever thought possible. Rima will personally facilitate those two days, providing feedback and guidance. The action days are one of the highlights of the whole course.

A live welcome call with Rima

On the first day of the course, we’ll come together to kick off the course in style and learn how to make the most of the teachings and our time together.

A live celebration call with Rima

Celebrating is as important as working! We shall review our journey together and celebrate the progress, the transformation and each other!

A supportive, like-minded community

Elegant Alchemy ladies are the best and the safe space to come to for support, to be encouraged, uplifted and receive guidance in the times you need it most is invaluable. You will share your  whole journey with a beautiful community of women who you can connect with and receive support from in our private group, during the live calls and during the Action Days.


Private Facebook Group

Where you can connect with an international group of women, share your ideas, find new friends, ask for feedback and celebrate each other.

24/7 online private membership access

You can access your private membership site from your phone, computer, laptop or tablet wherever you are in the world. The lessons come to you in video, audio or written form. ‘Change your Home, change your Life’ is fully mobile for you to explore at your own pace.

Plus these bonuses

Bonus #1

The Clutter Edit Training Recordings

Recordings of 3 x 60 minute video trainings from The Clutter Edit including: What to allow into your Home, Where to start and what to prioritize and Rewrite Your Clutter Story. 

Bonus #2

Access to the CYHCYL masterclasses.

In the Change Your Home, Change Your Life library you can find the recordings of previous masterclasses (Art of Saying No, Feng Shui, Personal Style)

Bonus #3

The Clutter Makeover online Course

4 lessons in video/audio/written form with a beautiful worksheet, plus 4 audio live sessions with their transcripts



Is this a Feng Shui course?

No, it is not. The only common point is the concept of transforming your life by transforming your home. But while Feng Shui is a complex system rooted in ancient Chinese wisdom, Change Your Home, Change Your Life uses a coaching approach between you and your home.

Is this a clutter-clearing course?

If you have clutter in your home, you will learn how to tackle it!

We have a whole module on clarity, where clutter clearing has an important part. Plus you will get The Clutter Edit recordings and the whole The Clutter Makeover course as a bonus. And finally, we have two full action days, where you will be coached and can work through your clutter with the support of the whole group.

But Change Your Home, Change Your Life is a holistic approach that goes much deeper. You will soon discover that simply clearing out your clutter is only the first step. The real fun begins afterwards! Aren’t you keen to see what waits for you beyond your cluttter?

How much time do I need to complete the lessons?

Listening to or watching the lessons will take you no more than an hour per week (apart from Module 1, which will take approximately 2 hours). The practical work, however, will take longer. In order to see tangible results, we recommend allowing at least 3 hours each week.

What if I fall behind with the lessons?

We shall have two full integration weeks, where you  can can catch up – one in the middle of the course and one at the very end. And of course you will get all the help and support to keep you on track during the life sessions and the action days.

I'm not on Facebook, can I still attend?

This course is happening on secured membership section, so you will have full access to the material.

All the live sessions and masterclasses take place on Zoom and you will be sent the replay, if you can’t attend live. But the Facebook group is where all the fun and the interaction will take place, and the community of Change Your Home, Change Your Life is a priceless experience! Ladies from all over the world who will do the exercises at the same time, have your back and swim with you through the highs and lows. 

How is this course being delivered?

We start a new module each week, with lessons being delivered throughout the week. After week 3 we’ll have a catch-up week (no new lessons, but a whole co-working day). On Thursday evenings there is either a live Q&A or a masterclass, always on Zoom. 

You will have access to our exclusive member area, where you can find all the material, recordings and calendar.

I've seen courses on the internet for much less!

First of all, you can find anything for less on the internet :). But here is the thing: there is a difference between knowing and transforming, let alone between reading (or watching videos) and transforming. I could have offered you a much more watered-down version of Change Your Home, Change Your Life, but I know that what will really bring change is the personal and direct support and interaction, and of that you’ll get plenty! I’m 110% committed to your success and I’m expecting the same from you.

English is not my first language, will I still be able to follow along?

Don’t worry, English is not my first language either! The Elegant Alchemy community spans around the globe and many of us are not native English speakers. This is why we went to great lengths to ensure that you will be able to fully enjoy the content of this program: each lesson comes not only in video and audio form but also with a transcript.

How do I know if I am right for this course?

Do you have a home (even if it is just a furnished room you are renting)? Are you ready to step into the next level of your life (even if you don’t know yet what this will be)? Do you want to learn the role your home plays for your transformation? If so, you are right for this course, or rather: this is the right course for you!

I'm really interested, but I still have a few questions...

Simple: let’s talk. You want to be sure that joining this course is right for you? So do I. Let’s hop on the phone and let’s talk. You can ask me all the questions you have, no strings attached. One thing I can promise: at the end of the call, whether you decide to join or not, you will have gained something invaluable – clarity.

Book your call right here:

“If you want to do some really in-depth work with yourself and your home, this is the course for you! Rima is not only lovely and warm-hearted but she is absolutely brilliant and wise in digging deep and to the core of each and every possible problem you may encounter. She will gently take you by your hand and guide you through the process. You feel challenged and yet always safe with her. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to make a shift in their lives!”


- Lioba

She always knows the right question for every situation so that you can proceed on your path to whatever you want to reach. The course is clearly structured and the lessons are designed to guide you step by step from finding out “What do I want?” to “Now I’ve got it” or at least “I know how to come closer to what I want and I can make steps towards it whenever I want”. You will get an awareness of your home as a reflection of yourself. By changing things there the reflection will be different. So if you change the right things in your surrounding you will feel different. With Rima’s instructions it’s easy to find out what to change and get the motivation to physically do it. The support and encouraging feedback of the group is very helpful, too. There is plenty of Q & A opportunity and time so that EVERY question finds an answer. It’s truly a life changing experience!”

- Petra N.

The Elegant Alchemy Insurance


My 100% risk free guarantee for you

I want you to feel absolutely sure that “Change your Home, Change your Life” is the right course for you. This is why I’m inviting you to test it for a full 14 days, completely risk-free. Testing means: do all the exercises. Show up for the live Q&A or ask your questions beforehand. 

You will not get anything out of this (or any other) program just by watching videos! 

 If you do the work and then you are unhappy with the program within those first 14 days, please send us an email showing proof that you did all the exercises, and we’ll send you a refund immediately, no questions asked.


** enrollment in this course is only available for a limited time **








“Rima is spot on in her availability to ‘see’ where people are and where they need to go.”

 – Karin