House to Home: 

How to create a beautiful, clean, clear, and easy home

How do you feel when you turn the key in your front door?

Excited? Calm? Full of ease?

Or frustrated, stressed, and already tired at the thought of what’s on the other side?

Let me guess: you’d love nothing more than to be able to walk in your door, exhale, and feel at ease right down to your cells.

In your mind, you picture a home where the stress of the day falls away, a kitchen filled with memories of shared meals and laughter, a couch where you enjoy a glass of wine and a chat with your loved ones. It’s all there in your mind, just as clear as can be.

But in reality, something’s just … off.

Instead of feeling welcomed and soothed in your home, you feel weirdly frustrated. Unsettled. Maybe even a little bit irritable.

And you just can’t figure out why. Are your walls too tall? Your sofa too short? Your wallpaper too busy? Do you need yet another set of throw pillow covers?

You’ve tried everything you can think of, and then some. Let’s be honest, you could open a shop with all the organising systems, throw pillow covers and framed inspiration quotes you’ve purchased.

And with each new thing, you felt better for a minute – satisfied. A short burst of happiness. But by the next day, there’s that “off” feeling again.

And so your frustration grows. But now it’s not just with your house. It’s with yourself. Because this feels like a problem you should be able to solve. You’re supposed to know what you want and what you like and how to make it all feel perfect.

So now you not only get to hate your throw pillows … you get to hate that you hate your throw pillows. (Bonjour, shame spiral!)

You know that you want a beautiful, clean, clear, and easy home. One that sparks with your essence and lights you up with ease each time you turn the key. But right now, you feel heavy-hearted each time you cross the threshold…

You could hire a (another) designer, but the first question they’re going to ask is what you want. And if you can’t answer that, then those mistakes are going to cost a lot more than throw pillows.

But here’s the good news: You don’t need a designer. At least not *yet*. You need to peel back the layers of discomfort to discover what really matters to you.

Because there’s nothing wrong with you OR your home. (Or even those throw pillows.)

That “off” feeling is simply a matter of being out of sync.

What you have is an alignment problem, not an apartment problem.

You’re out of sync with your sense of self, desire, satisfaction, and it’s showing up in your home.  And that, mon amie? THAT we can do something about.


Bonjour! I’m Rima.

I’ve always been deeply connected to my homes. (Cue little Rima pushing the furniture all around her room every six months, because it didn’t feel like ME anymore, much to my parents’ dismay.) I’ve always intrinsically understood the impact of our surroundings on our (well)being – and how critical it can feel when they don’t support how we see ourselves.

As an adult, I’ve travelled (and led) my own journey of self discovery and learning through learning the art of professional space clearing, becoming an experienced life coach, and of course, moving houses (and having to learn how to make them into homes) a dozen times, culminating in a full on, stripped-down-to-the-studs remodel of a run-down, ugly little house into a gracious, spacious home that truly feels like a chic sanctuary.

To be honest, I treated my ability to turn a house into a home as a parlour trick for a long time. Something I had a natural knack for, but nothing special.

Then I started working with women to help them find their happiness, alignment, and connection to their deeper selves, and it all clicked.

As within, so without.

You finally put up that statement wallpaper you’ve been dreaming about, and just like that, you start voicing your opinion.

You invest for the first time in quality lingerie, and your femininity and love life suddenly take off.

You decide that you will no longer bring junk into your home, and gradually, you stop treating yourself like junk.

This isn’t a coincidence. It’s a resonance.


Whatever’s going on for you inside, it’s going to show up in your home, and vice versa. Sort out one, and the other inevitably changes for the better as well.

Which is why you need a guide, not a designer. You don’t need someone to help you pick out the right throw pillows, you need someone who can help you understand where you are now, where you want to be, and how that translates into your home.

And most of all, you need someone who gets it.

I KNOW how it feels when nothing feels right. And I know how to fix it.  

But it wasn’t always that way. When I bought my home in Paris, NOTHING felt right. I had just gotten divorced after 25 years of marriage. My whole life was upside down. And the remodelling process (which took three times as long and three times as much money as planned and which is naturellement not finished yet) was one of healing, growth, and stability-building for both me and my family.

And I know what it takes to build a home that supports you, nourishes you, and is truly your shelter in the storm.

Are you ready to start truly living in your home?

You’ll walk away with:

A complete workbook and several hours of recorded material, which are yours to work through, revisit and develop for yourself. (This material will soon prove to be priceless!)

Clarity on the purpose and personality of your home, and the confidence to decorate it accordingly.

Every home has to fulfill the basics: you need to feel safe, nurtured, and refreshed. But what takes a house and makes it your home is the purpose and personality you cultivate for it. We’ll address both in our work together.

Insights into the hidden messages your home holds about your life.

As within, so without. Your home is a tangible guidebook to your personal development. Learn how to read its layout and energy, and you’ll have a powerful mirror for the rest of your life.

The secrets to making your home into a “manifestation machine”.

Did you know that you can use your home to increase your net worth? What about giving you the support you need for the next steps in your life. As a professional coach and space clearer who’s worked with hundreds of homes, I can promise you: the cleaner and more ease-filled the home, the more powerful the manifestation.

Practical skills to overcome clutter-itis, make any home look more spacious and generous, and have the kind of home that makes hosting a pleasure.

In addition to addressing the esoteric, energetic sides of your home, we’ll take care of any practical issues. Think: decluttering that one drawer that makes you cringe every time you think about it, losing those old clothes that just take up space, and turning your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary.

“There is no place like home for making you either happy or miserable, and which it does is more or less up to you.” M.Hill

Here’s how it works:

The work starts before we come together – as soon as you reserve your spot, I’ll send you a workbook with an introduction to the process and detailed instructions on how to prepare for your session. Don’t worry, it’s nothing difficult. In fact, you just might enjoy it…

On the day of our VIP rendezvous, we’ll come together for about half a day, going in and out of sessions together. We’ll do some internal work, and then you’ll start doing practical work so you can implement your learnings right away. I’ll be there the whole time to hold your hand.

After our session, you’ll sit back and enjoy a home that’s already exponentially more beautiful than when we started. You’ll also get a record of our session so you can come back to it anytime you need, and I’ll be checking in over the next weeks to ensure that all is well.

You should know…

– We’re going to work on you and your home at the same time. This is crucial; your inner work needs to translate right away into your outer world.

– Wherever you are, it’s the absolutely perfect place to start. This is a process, not a test, and certainly not a one day decluttering bootcamp, or any kind of nonsense like that. Building a home takes time – but it’s so much faster and better with the right help. (PS – there’s no shame here. Whatever you’ve got going on, I promise I’ve seen worse. Probably in my own basement.)

– I’ve got the chops, experience, and intuition to get you where you need to be. As a professional coach, space clearer, and deeply intuitive decorator, I’ve got both the hard skills and the heart skills to help.

– You can do this. Sometimes, making a change to something so very personal as your home can seem a bit overwhelming. But how better to do it than with a professional coach (who had years of experience as a space clearer) with a  heart for houses and the aesthetic eye of a Parisian?

There is nothing as satisfying as walking into a home that truly nourishes you. Sitting down among things that light you up, surrounded by people you love.

So please, join me – and come home for good this time.