House to Home: 

How to Use the Hidden Clues in Your Home to Unlock a Life You Love

Let me guess…

You’d love nothing more than to be able to walk in your door, exhale, and feel at ease right down to your cells.

But something’s just … off.

Instead of feeling welcomed and soothed in your home, you feel weirdly frustrated. Unsettled. Maybe even a little bit irritable.

And you just can’t figure out why. Are your walls too tall? Your sofa too short? Your wallpaper too busy? Do you need yet another set of throw pillow covers?

Many women live in homes that do not reflect who they are, let alone who they want to become, but who they were in the past. Show me your space. I’ll help you to see how it connects to your inner and your outer life, and how you can align and transform every aspect with the help of your home.

Here’s the secret: there’s nothing wrong with you OR your home. (Or even those throw pillows.)

That “off” feeling is simply a matter of being out of sync.

What you have is an alignment problem, not an apartment problem.

When you’re out of sync with your sense of self, desire, and satisfaction, it can’t help but show up in your home — and just as inevitably, the way your home looks and feels affects your emotions, your self-satisfaction, and your zest for life.

Put simply, whatever’s going on for you inside, it’s going to show up in your home, and vice versa. Sort out one, and the other inevitably changes for the better as well. And that, mon amie? THAT we can do something about.


Bonjour! I’m Rima.

I KNOW how it feels when nothing feels right. And I know how to fix it.  

But it wasn’t always that way. When I bought my home in Paris, NOTHING felt right. I had just gotten divorced after 25 years of marriage. My whole life was upside down. And the remodelling process (which took three times as long and three times as much money as planned and which is naturellement not finished yet) was one of healing, growth, and stability-building for both me and my family.

And I know what it takes to build a home that supports you, nourishes you, and is truly your shelter in the storm.

As within, so without.

You finally put up that statement wallpaper you’ve been dreaming about, and just like that, you start voicing your opinion.

You invest for the first time in quality lingerie, and your femininity and love life suddenly take off.

You decide that you will no longer bring junk into your home, and gradually, you stop treating yourself like junk.

This isn’t a coincidence. It’s a resonance.

Here’s how it works:

You and I will come together for a VIP virtual half-day intensive, going in and out of sessions together.

We’ll initially focus on getting clarity on the woman you want to be and the life you want to live — because if you don’t know where you want to go, how can you possibly know what you need to do to get there?

We’ll start by looking at the obvious and hidden messages in your home, until you’ll have a clear understanding how they affect your relationship with your body, your time, the people who live there too and your work.

The next step practically designs itself: where do I start?

With some practical work you can try out  to implement your learnings right away. I’ll guide you, holding your hand the whole time.

After our session, you’ll have the clarity of mind and spirit you need to create a home that’s truly you — and work with that home to create a life you love.

You’ll walk away with…

— Clarity on the purpose and personality of your home, as well as insights into the hidden messages it holds about your life.

— The practical skills you need to make your priorities visible in your home, and a plan just full of tips and tricks for making the most of what you have, so you can create the beautiful home you want without breaking the bank.

— Knowledge of how your home affects your relationship with your body, with your time, with the people who live there too, and with your work. (Which is the first step to turning your home into a manifestation machine!)

— My secret methods for overcoming clutter-itis, making ANY home look more spacious and generous, and creating the kind of home that makes hosting a pleasure.

— A clear picture of the kind of home that belongs to the kind of person you want to be — and having taken the first steps on inhabiting that person fully in all areas of your life.

Ultimately, you don’t need someone to help you pick out the right throw pillows, you need someone who can help you understand where you are now, where you want to be, and how that translates into your home.

So please, join me  and come home for good this time.