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The Clutter Makeover

4 Simple Steps to Clarity

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Your home can help propel you into whatever future you choose when you don’t have to carry the excess weight of clutter.

What is keeping you stuck?
What do you need to let go of?
What do you want to hold onto?

Your home is revealing…

…what your everyday priorities are. Even if you are not aware of it – yet.

What you surround yourself with doesn’t just reflect who you are, it also shapes who you become

My name is Rima Nouri. I’m inviting you for a free 4-day video series for you. The Clutter Makeover to create the space in your home to express who you really are.


What will you learn in 4 days?


You’ll learn how to become crystal clear on what’s really your clutter!


You’ll discover which items are pulling you down most and how to get rid of them


You’ll learn how to reclaim your space back and how own your home and your decisions


Finally, you’ll find out how simple purchases can lead to permanent change

Here’s what you will discover in this course

When you create more clarity in your outer world, your inner world can expand.
With more space, you will feel lighter and capable to take action.
When you take action towards everyday elegance, you’ll feel energised and inspired (and you’ll quickly see how the result in your home impact the results in your life)

What Women say

“I dreamt of a home where I would experience relief and wellbeing ALL THE TIME, not only after a major clean-up and I discovered Rima’s work. She taught me how to transform my life by simplifying my space. And – miracle! – it worked!”

- Julia

“Our work together has left me with a way of living and working that’s both more efficient, and, even more importantly, based in serenity and contentment, instead of stress and struggle.”

- Caroline

“Working with Rima instilled in me the unshakeable belief that I am capable of achieving anything.”

- Daniela


After this workshop you’ll be crystal clear about your clutter, its function in your life and how to solve it, so that your home becomes a force for creativity, clarity and elegance in your everyday life.