Imagine waking up feeling truly alive and eager to start another beautiful day.

A day full of simple pleasures, joy, elegance and real connections with those you love. And at the end of each day you fall asleep  feeling deeply satisfied with the life you’ve created.

It’s time to start your days like the woman you were always meant to be. It’s time to break out of the everyday doldrums.

Do you:

  • Find yourself envious when you see pictures of other women, and how put together and elegant they always look?

  • Believe deep down that when you lose the weight or find the right man or the perfect job then you’ll finally be happy?

  • Ever wonder if this is all there is to life? You can’t shake the feeling there’s something you’re missing out on but you don’t know what it is or how to get there.

  • Wish you could spend an afternoon curled up with a good book – guilt-free – not worrying about anything or anyone else but yourself for a change?

  • Find yourself saying yes to taking on yet another chore at work when all you want is to unleash your creativity or to spending yet another weekend with that couple  whom you have nothing in common with, because you feel you should?

  • Wake up every morning with a mile-long to-do list scrolling through your brain and dread getting out of bed to grind through another long day?

I understand, my dear.

You’re yearning to feel lighter, clearer, and more alive, but you’re stuck. Stuck in your routines. Stuck wondering when it will get better. Stuck waiting for the circumstances of your life to change to make those feelings possible, right? If only you were just skinnier or smarter or had a partner that actually understood you, you’d be happy.

If only.

THEN you’d deserve the life you really want.

THEN you could have the happiness you so deeply desire.

THEN your real life could finally begin.

But what if it were possible to integrate pleasure into your life right now, as it is, without waiting for anything to change? What if you could really, truly, deeply feel more attractive, more confident, more centered and more full of all-out JOY – the kind that makes you feel like every cell in your body is alive and sparkling – in the life you’re living right THIS moment?


  • Waking up every morning peacefully without feeling stressed or overwhelmed (no matter how busy your day will be)

  • Spending Friday evening around a beautiful dinner table with the kind of like-minded friends that make you feel valued, at home and loved — people who truly know and understand you

  • Truly feeling what it means to be “bien dans sa peau” and enjoying dressing the body you have _now_. Having more energy for your family, your work and your creative pursuits because you know exactly what makes your life worthwhile and are letting everything else go.

The Elegant Equinox is a carefully crafted 6 week experience to take you from feeling stuck, strained, and ruled by stress, guilt, and overwhelm to feeling light, energetic, and in love with who you are – all of you. Together we’ll work organically from the inside out to break down the assumptions that stop you, shift the perspectives that don’t serve you, and embrace the beautiful possibility of who you were truly meant to be.

Why the Elegant Equinox?

The Equinox is that moment twice in a year when day and night are exactly the same. It happens in the transitional seasons of Fall and Spring. When the rhythm of nature is shifting. It’s like a deep breath – and then nature’s pendulum swings into a new direction.

Your Elegant Equinox is your time to shed old skin and to redefine the direction you want to give your life. Together, we do it with the simple grace of deep elegance.

I’m Rima Nouri, my joie de vivre is to work with women just like you and show them what’s possible for them. My own journey led me to Paris. The City of Light is one of the most remarkable places on earth and taught me, through sheer immersion, how to live a lifestyle that combines elegance with panache, attitude with simplicity, joie de vivre with the demands of my everyday life.

When I certified as a coach, I finally found the career where I felt at home. For more than ten years I’ve had the privilege of working with more than hundred women from all over the world on their way to the life they want to create for themselves.

The Elegant Equinox is a 6 week program, sailing with the rhythm of nature, moving from the inner circle of your very core outside into the world. You work on yourself first and then this work will start to radiate out, transforming everything in your life.

Module 1:

The Inner Circle

Here is where it all starts. You will be guided to map what it is exactly you want for yourself. Even if you feel like you’ve long ago lost touch with the real you or you have no idea how to answer the question, “what should I do now?” Once you have a clear idea about the details and specificities of your very own brand of Elegance, you will be able to start living, thinking, feeling and behaving like an elegant woman!

Module 2:

Food & Nourishment

How well do you nourish yourself? If you are so stressed out that you replace quality with quantity or reach for junk food to make you feel better (even when you know it won’t) you are not alone. You will learn how to replace instant gratification with plaisir, restriction with awareness, consuming with savouring. At the end of this module the French paradox will have no secret for you and you’ll find it effortless to make healthy choices that nourish your body and your soul.

Module 3:

Body & Dress

Are you dressing the body you currently live in with joy? Do you allow yourself pleasure and elegance on the outside? You will learn Paris-inspired tools to instantly shift your energy and  enjoy living in your body _now_ . You’ll cultivate an inner confidence that will make you an irresistible magnet for the kind of people you’re longing to connect with You can’t live in Paris without being aware of the impact of dressing your best, but you don’t have to live in Paris to learn it!

Module 4:

Tools & Resources

{AKA: Time & Money}

Many people are persuaded that a lack of time and money are the biggest problems they have but it’s not how much you have, it’s how you USE what you have that counts. You might feel that you are helpless because try as you might, there is never enough time for what you have to do, let alone for what you want to do, and more often than not the same is true for money. But I’m here to assure you, there’s always another way. In this module you are going to experience the power of elegance: maximum output with minimum input — or how to make the most of what you do have.

Module 5:

Home & Comfort

Whatever you call home, it may be a mansion or a one-bedroom studio, is a true mirror of yourself. An elegant woman knows how to harness her chez soi to upgrade all aspects of her life – by creating a home that is not only a haven, not only a reflection of her best self at present, but also a reflection of who she wants to become.You will learn how you and your home can grow in beauty, simplicity and elegance – together – so that your home will be a constant source of energy for you, where you feel held, safe and inspired by everything that surrounds you.

Module 6:

Habits & Routines

We all impact the world not by what we say or what we do, but how we are. You know that saying, “you are what you eat?” I think it’s more correct to say, “you are what you do day in, day out.” It’s our habits and routines, the little things we do every single day without thinking much about them that actually shape our essence. You will learn to create elegant habits and follow through with them. Routines will become your tool of choice. You’ll live and breathe elegance in your very own way, inimitable, beautiful and simple, and these new habits will grow your daily confidence and clarity.

What to expect during your Elegant Equinox:

One of my teachers always used to say, “Expect surprises”. You are about to embark on a journey where that will certainly be the case! I can’t beam you over to Paris – but I can be at your side for the next six weeks:

Every morning you will find an email in your inbox, where I’ll invite you to explore a specific aspect of this week’s module. You’re going to learn practical tips, mindset exercises, self coaching techniques so that you have a whole array of efficient and simple tools to engage with. You will try out new food, new clothes, new routines. There’s be journaling and homework. You will discover what get’s you excited and what’s not for you.

Every Tuesday at 7 pm Paris time (CET) we’ll have a live group coaching call. During six weeks you have access to an experienced coach – moi-même – to work with you one to one to help you shift your obstacles, answer your questions and give you support so that you feel secure, supported and confident to step into the new You.

You can also connect with me and the other participants in our Secret forum. The more you document, share and engage yourself in this group, the more you support and celebrate each other, the more fabulous your results will be. It works every time.

You have lifetime access to The Elegant Equinox. Any updates will be yours forever – at no additional cost. Each time I run the program, you can participate again. Each time the program is updated, you’ll benefit from it. At times you might find that your focus might shift from one area to the next and that working through the program again will open your eyes to new realisations and perspectives.

And last but not least, a special gift to celebrate the coming into the world of The Elegant Equinox: 4 weeks after the program ends, you will have the possibility to get on the phone for a private, one to one coaching session with me. You will have worked through the program, seeing new paths emerge, discovering new resources and trying out new ideas. You’ll then have my undivided attention and precise intuition all for yourself to get you firmly anchored in the right direction.

Within 24 hours of your enrollment you’ll receive a link to our secret forum where you can meet your Elegant Equinox sisters and a personal Welcome message from me which will get you started on your journey right away! Then on March 20 we will kick off your Elegant Equinox.

Dearest Rima,

I just want to tell you that you are making a difference in many women’s lives. In mine to start with. You are a marvelous woman and I really want to thank you for all your effort and energy you are putting in. It is very helpful.

Love you! 

~ Nicoline

Rima is ALWAYS inspiring!

~ Margot



Can I really change my life in 6 weeks?

Never underestimate the power of small, daily upgrades. I’m a living proof that small consistent steps into the right direction are the fastest and most sustainable way to turn your life around. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out! During the Elegant Equinox you’ll get all the guidance and the support to make these seemingly small shifts which will inevitably lead to a new normal. This is exactly what my clients’ success stories are made of: how they finished degrees, started new careers and businesses, got promoted, moved countries, lost weight and found new love and happiness.

What happens once I enroll?

Once you enroll you will be contacted within 24 hours. We shall give you all the details to participate in the group coaching calls and, should you wish it, in our secret forum. From the moment you enroll you also have access to my private email, which is normally reserved to my private coaching clients.

Why can’t I sign up after March 20?

This is not a self study course where you can freely jump from one module to another one.

The Elegant Equinox is a carefully crafted program that’ll take you on a journey from the inside out. It’s at the beginning that we lay out the vital foundation for you to forge ahead and create your very own brand of elegance and how you want to bring it into your life. You will also start this journey and discover your Elegant Equinox together with the other participants and it’s important that you start all together.

Why are you only offering this twice a year?

Because the Equinox happens only twice a year! With this program we really take advantage of the wave of the natural rhythm which is so favourable for change at this particular time in the year.

What if I don’t think I’m ready to enroll now or the time isn’t right?

It is of course up to you to decide whether you’re ready  to create a beautiful life right now. But I will say our mind tends to find all sorts of excuses in order to stay in the comfort of what we already know- even if we aren’t 100% happy with it. If deep down you have this nagging feeling there’s something more out there for you, I urge you to take the leap of faith and jump in. (And don’t forget that you shall have lifetime access and can work and rework the modules as often as you choose!).

Why does this program cost 447,- Euros for six weeks? I’m sure there are other programs out there which are faster and cheaper?

I’m committed to getting you real results. In my experience there are a lot of programs out there which consist of a couple of worksheets, some pre-recorded webinars, one group coaching call and that’s it. The Elegant Equinox brings you as close to working with a private coach as you can get — at a very accessible price. For the duration of the program you get access to my private email. Every single week I’ll be with you live to give you all the guidance and support you ask for. And you’ll even get a private one to one coaching session with me, once you’ve completed the program.

What if I find out this is not for me? Can I get my money back?

Yes. I want you to feel safe making this investment. You have two weeks from the start of the program to decide whether this is for you or not. Submit your completed assignments and exercises for the first two weeks and I’ll refund your investment, no hard feelings.

This kind of focused coaching works even if you’ve never done such a program before and are not sure if you are really made for working in a group with other women.

Spring is around the corner and it’s new, fresh energy is going to come and go. Wouldn’t you rather spend the next 6 weeks finally becoming the woman you know you’re meant to be, and  create the best, more joyful Summer ever?