By definition an adventure is an enterprise where you don’t know what will happen. The 50 Conversations certainly were an adventure.

When I set out to talk to 50 women about what was blocking them mostly in life, I did not know if I

  • would actually find 50 women who’d be happy to share their story  (I did, and more), I did not know
  • whom I would talk to (women from 4 continents, aged from 24 to 72. Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, from all walks of life, from CEO to unemployed) or
  • what we would talk about (that would be a book in its own right. From novel writing to getting a PhD, finding a husband, leaving a husband, keeping or leaving a career, health, finance, domestic, professional issues, questions about life, love, and connection).

Did I mention that I have the best job in the world?

UPDATE: And it keeps getting better: in my Facebook community, The Elegant Alchemists, I’m discussing each lesson in more depth, doing 50 videos!

The 50 Lessons from The 50 Conversations

1.) The Number One feeling women want to experience is “lighter”.

2.) _Every_ woman wants to feel more confident.

3.) Women seek validation of their decisions outside of themselves.

4.) “I’m too old now” is a ridiculous excuse. There, I said it.

5.) Every woman has charisma.

6.) How often do we forget what we know already?

7.) Women are very good in explaining why they don’t ‘really’ deserve what they desire.

8.) Feeling guilty about something is a woman’s constant companion.

9.) Women often talk about their desires as if they belonged to someone else’s life.

10.) If you feel you don’t have enough, you are not fully using what you have already.

11.) You do NOT need to fully understand a problem in order to solve it.

12.) Transforming your home is an instant and ongoing source of energy.

13.) Know what you want and you’ll know where to go.

14.) And how to go there.

15.) Creative feels so much better than perfect.

16.) You can’t think yourself alive.

17.) You are more advanced than you believe.

18.) Whatever it is that you love doing – there exists a way to make good use of it.

19.) The back burner is the default setting women put themselves onto.

20.) True understanding means understanding from your head and your heart and your body.

21.) “Thinking about it” won’t get you anywhere. Go out and do something. Anything.

22.) Your most shame-filled secrets are in all likelihood the very things you have in common with everyone else.

23.) There is always more money. Always.

24.) Whatever you desire is already a part of you.

25.) Don’t be afraid to say that things are good enough.

26.) Incidentally, you are good enough.

27.) _Every_ woman needs more fun in her life.

28.) Lack of sleep could be the only obstacle between you and your success.

29.) A proper landing is the condition for a successful take-off.

30.) What you’ll focus on will become stronger (whining, complaining and moaning counts as focus).

31.) Being consistently intentional demands a lot of practice.

32.) The best way to fail is to ask the whole world for their opinion.

33.) It comes as a surprise to most women to discover that they are strong enough to protect their inner little girl.

34.) You can learn (nearly) everything.

35.) The most dramatic changes in your life will come from the small steps.

36.) How much time and energy do you spend to be a “good girl”?

37.) You can go much further than you think. Always.

38.) Once they get permission to be who they truly are, most women are unstoppable. So find someone to give you permission.

39.) You know when you misbehave. Be honest.

40.) There is nothing virtuous in punishing yourself to get good at things you hate.

41.) The real problem is not the one you like to talk about.

42.) One thing at a time.

43.) Your inner 2-year-old needs love, not power.

44.) If you don’t make your self-care a priority, no one else will (and why would they?)

45.) You can’t afford bad quality.

46.) You feelings are a choice, not a fatality.

47.) It has nothing to do with your weight.

48.) Nor with your age.

49.) You truly desire something? You put in the work (otherwise it’s just your sense of entitlement).

50.) You won’t believe what can shift in one hour (neither did I before The 50 Conversations)

And a Bonus one: When in doubt, put on lipstick and drink champagne!


Let’s continue this conversation: which of these lessons speaks to you? Put your number(s) in the comments below. Interested to learn more about your favourite lesson? Head over to The Elegant Alchemists and watch the video

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