When I wrote the title to this podcast episode, I knew that some women would have a reaction to ‘elegant accomplishment’. What comes up for you with those two words?

I’ve noticed over the years that many women have a complicated relationship with the idea of being elegant and accomplished: they yearn for it and at the same time have great difficulties to identify themselves with it.

It seems easier for them to think about elegance and accomplishment as something that is for others or out of their reach, rather than embrace that desire and bring it into their lives! 

The one thing we are all masters in, mes amies, is resistance. Because, believe me, we are much more afraid to be seen, to shine and to succeed than we are to stay small.

The number one tool of resistance is excuses, preferably excuses that disguise themselves as perfectly valid reasons.

In today’s episode we are going to look at everyone’s – yes, yours too 🙂 – favourite excuses (the ones you didn’t even know you had).

You are going to discover

  • The difference between an excuse and a genuine reason
  • The various disguises excuses come in
  • What lies underneath each excuse
  • The questions to turn around each excuse

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