Depositphotos_98939530_original‘So – what is going to happen now?’

Each time a new client starts to work with me, I’m impressed. It takes such generosity, trust and courage to invite a relatively unfamiliar person into your life to accompany you during a journey into the unknown.

You know are going to reveal yourself and you have no idea how this is going to happen.

Being a coaching client can be a strange business

  • You get asked a ton of weird questions.
  • Sometimes, you open your mouth and speak about things you knew for a long time without ever being aware that you did.
  • This nice coach constantly seems to believe that you are better than YOU believe you are and that there IS a solution, where you can’t see nothing but that familiar wall.
  • Sometimes there are things you’d like to talk about but your coach doesn’t let you. Other things you just casually mention and she zones in like a hawk.
  • Sometimes you talk non-stop. Sometimes the silences are so long that you wonder if there is anybody else on the other end.
  • Sometimes you talk about things, which aren’t real and you wonder where on earth this is going to get you.
  • Sometimes you spend your time laughing and sometimes you start crying, out of the blue. Sometimes you feel like bouncing up and down. Sometimes you feel like the weight of the world is weighing on you.
  • Sometimes you really wonder if all this happened to your coach too and if she knows how it feels because her life seems so perfect (hint: it isn’t!).
  • Sometimes you are completely confused while your coach thinks it’s brilliant. You have no clue, but you choose to go on.

And on it goes and somehow, at one point during the session, you are getting clearer what IS working for you, where you ARE growing and HOW you are getting to where you want to be.

Change is starting to happen. Things are shifting. Doors are opening where you thought there were only walls.

You realize you CAN do it. Or you realize you can let it go.

You don’t quite understand how it happens but it starts to work. So you go for it. You start doing new things. Looking at things from a new angle. You ever so slightly shift direction. There is a DIFFERENCE.

And then this difference becomes the new normal.

Sometimes my clients even ask me: “How does it come? How did I arrive where I am now? Did you know in advance?”

I certainly didn’t.

The truth is that even with hundreds of coaching hours under my belt, I still don’t know what will happen.

But I do know that if a client comes with the true desire to change, she has it in her to change. She has what it takes. And it will happen. This I know.

Each coaching is a continuous, fulfilling discovery of an encounter between a person and her future self.

A good coaching session always has the spark of a miracle.




PS: I know I keep saying it, but I have the best job in the world! Reach out if you’re curious about what we can create together.

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