I first came across the power that unfinished things hold on us when I was working on clutter. Each time I mentioned to clients or students that unfinished things are the worst kind of clutter in my book and the effects that unfinished business has on people’s mind, psyche, success, relationship and finances, a collective groan was to be heard!

Unfinished business comes with a hefty mental and emotional price tag, which is why I’m advocating to get it out of your life asap and for good.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • How to understand the difference between unfinished business and a project.
  • Why you should reject ‘should’.
  • How unfinished business is keeping us stuck, because we are wired to want closure
  • Making the decision to ‘Do it’.

Resources mentioned in the show:

“Accomplished!”, my brand new group coaching program.

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