One day in September I woke up  with just one thought in my head: “I have to get out of here!”

One of my cats had just died, the weather had been way too hot for my liking (as everyone who has known me longer than ten minutes knows, I’m a winter girl) and several other things had happened that demanded just too much of me. 

Instead of being full of energy, as I usually am at this time of the year, since La Rentrée is one of my happy places, I wasn’t functioning at my best. In fact, I was on a downwards spiral and I needed to stop it fast.

 24 hours later, my eldest daughter and I were splashing in the waves of the Atlantic ocean in Normandy, eating crêpes, drinking cider, sampling the local croissants and refusing countless glasses of Calvados they wanted to throw at us at the end of each meal! 

It was exactly what I needed.

What surprised me was how quickly my energy, and with it my mood, creativity and efficiency were restored. And then the penny dropped: of course. I simply need to be at the seaside regularly to be at my best. Being at the sea is one of my bare necessities. How could I have “forgotten” this? 

Today’s episode is all about bare necessities – the ones you need to not only survive, but to thrive!

 You are going to discover

  • What are bare necessities in the Elegant Alchemy way?
  • Why do you need your bare necessities
  • How to become clear about your bare necessities (with the help of a psychologist and Baloo the bear 🙂
  • How to distinguish your bare necessities from those of your family, friends and the Joneses

Did you learn something new about your bare necessities? What are they? Please share in the comments.


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