Recently on Instagram I saw this quote:

“The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding.”


We all look for magic – magic in how we feel, live, love, see and are seen. But how often do we look for it in the direction of work we’d rather avoid?

If we know that magic waits at the other end, why isn’t that incentive enough to kick into action?

Why are we keeping stuck in avoidance mode?

One of my clients was asking herself these exact questions.

I’m sharing how she understood the stages that lie between avoidance and make it happen, how she understood how to assess those stages for what they are (a part of a process, not an end!) and thus how to move forward onto the next stage.

We are all quite similar in the mechanisms that lead us to avoid work which would do us a world of good…

You will certainly recognise yourself and your own process, and it is my hope that you will take away inspiration and know-how for your own path towards the magic.



Resources I mention:

Le Petit Mot

House to Home

William H. Murray

Thank you for tuning in. What are your thoughts and take-away from this first episode? Please share in the comments. Merci beaucoup!

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