September, la rentrée and the start of a new normal are around the corner.

As people start to look at the coming months, there is one question that will soon show up in your feed, in conversations with friends or in meetings at work: what is going to happen until the end of the year?

What do you want to have accomplished, created, finished, attached yourself to or freed yourself of until the end of the year?

When you have an idea, you can just hope for it to somehow come into being. You can create a plan with the first step, the second step etc. But if you really mean business, your ideas need a place to land: enter a container.

In today’s episode I’m exploring the concept of a container and what it can do for anything you want to or need to accomplish.

Join me in the podcast to discover the Elegant Alchemy definition of a container!

  • How my 8-year-old son and Kevin Costner created their containers
  • Physical and non-physical containers
  • Why you want to have a container in the first place
  • What a container can do for you (you’d be surprised).

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