Unlock Your Alchemy 

The Art of Working With Your Workspace

Imagine waking up full of enthusiasm for your work, knowing exactly what to do today and how to do it.

Imagine going to bed, feeling deeply satisfied with the work and the results you created today.

What do you think is the fastest way to create the shifts that take you to the next level of your business?

A. Yet another e-course you download and then ignore for a year.

B. Working harder, biting yourself through longer and longer to do lists.

C. A treasure map of your strengths, weaknesses, blocks, and next steps that’s so accurate it might as well be magic.

D. Doing the same thing you’ve been doing (and continuing to feel stuck, unseen, overworked, overwhelmed and undervalued).

You already know that the answer is C.

What you don’t know is that the treasure map is sitting right in front of you.



The biggest — and most overlooked — resource for shifting your work is your workspace.

It’s a direct reflection of what’s going on with your work. And if you know how to read it — and work with it — you can quickly create the shifts that take your business and life from a stressed-out struggle to alchemical ease.


Bonjour, I’m Rima —

And there’s nothing I love more than helping people work with their surroundings to create huge, lifelong changes in their lives.

Normally, I do this through my work with Elegant Alchemy and House to Home.

I have a special spot in my heart for entrepreneurs though — after all, I am one myself!

To celebrate International Women’s Day,

(and incidentally my birthday) I’m opening up the doors to “Unlock Your Alchemy”,  a special offer to help entrepreneurs work with their business’s home: their workspace.

How does it work?

As within, so without.

You finally organise your folders and throw out those long dead projects and, just like that, you find yourself calling up on a hot new lead.

You invest for the first time in decent office supplies, and your confidence and joie de vivre for your work suddenly take off.

You decide that no longer will your work space double as a junk storage, and gradually, you’ll stop listening to that inner voice that treats you and your business like junk.

This isn’t a coincidence. It’s a resonance.

Whatever’s going on inside of your work or your business, it’s going to show up in your workspace, and vice versa. Sort out one, and the other inevitably changes for the better as well.

Doors will remain open until the first day of spring: March 21st.

After our session together you will confidently create an environment that will show you the next version of your work, because you will…

— Know the exact things you’ll want to change and how to do it, because you 

— know how to read the clues of your workspace and

understand precisely how they reflect the weak and strong points in your work.

By resonance, your workspace will pull you in your desired direction non-stop.

Put simply, your work is valuable.

So much so that it deserves — and can only grow — in conditions that honour it.




$297 $97 (special price for my entrepreneur family!)