Half of the planet’s population is confined to their homes right now. So are you. And when you have nowhere to go, it’s so easy to just roll out of bed, throw on ‘something’ (or not!), down some coffee and schlump through your day with Netflix in the background. (And let’s be honest, there has probably been a day or two that looked exactly like this, right? 😉

But how does this make you feel?

When recently I asked a group of ladies what they needed most from their home right now during these oh-so-special times, the answer was unequivocal: a feeling of safety and comfort.

I couldn’t agree more.

Whatever feeling of safety and comfort we can and want to experience right now, it is certainly to be found in our homes rather than in the outside world.

7 ways to create a feeling of safety and comfort with the help of your Home

  1. Know thyself (and others). At this point in confinement, do you own your home or does your home own you? Ask yourself: what works best for me? Is your home set up accordingly? Does it boost your strengths and does it support you in your struggles?
  2. Set healthy boundaries. Boundaries will keep you in balance! Create a clearly defined schedule for yourself and your family. Create clearly defined zones for each activity in your home. Remove everything that doesn’t belong into that zone and that distracts from this activity.
  3. True comfort comes from feeling at your best. Show up presentable and confident. Yes, you are not leaving the house… well, guess what? You are the most important person that could see you! Dress in a way that makes you feel confident, polished and beautiful. This will give a true feeling of comfort (schlumping around in your bathrobe all day long will not).
  4. The same goes for your home. Bring in light and sparkle. Shine your windows and mirrors. Light candles. Open the windows wide and let in the spring air and the sunshine. You might dream of basking in the sun in Italy or take a midnight stroll through the streets of Paris…
  5. A feeling of safety comes from a feeling of being in control. You can’t control the world outside, no person can (much as some of the world’s politicians would love to…), but you can control the world around you. Fix any leaks and creaks and unfinished stuff in your home. Go through your belongings and look at them with new eyes: do they contribute to your well being during confinement? If not, they might not contribute to your well being tout court.
  6. Create a safe haven for your sleep, aka: make your bed. With this simple gesture you show self respect. Furthermore, pull out the good sheets, the one you have been saving for that ‘special occasion’, put your duvet every morning into the window to air (it will smell and feel so fresh), spray some lavender. Your sleep and your serenity will thank you for it.
  7. Create a space for silence. Even when you are all by yourself right now, a lot of noise might invade your space all day (hello, social media, I’m looking at you). Set up a time and space for silence, where you can just be quiet with yourself for some time everyday, whether you meditate, draw, journal, crochet or just sit and look at the ceiling or out of the window.

How do you experience safety and comfort in your Home? Please share in the comments.


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