“To speak of home in relation to a building is simply to recognise its harmony with our own prized internal song.” Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness

Our own internal song.

I believe this is who we want to be and how we want to feel.

So when you open the door of your home and step over the threshold: how do you feel? Do you feel that you are safe, that all your cells exhale, that you can reconnect with yourself after all the hustle and buzz of the outside world, that you are stepping into an environment of calm, peace, love and beauty, or do you feel pulled into ten different directions at once, with a sense of duty, of overwhelm, of frantic, maybe even of dread?

The latter used to be my reality for many years. Try as I might to create a beautiful home, I felt trapped and overwhelmed with clutter and disorganisation. Yet looking back I can see how this was a blessing in disguise: trying, failing and trying again I slowly learned to recognise the relation between my outer and my inner world.  The obvious and visible issues in my home gave me a tangible tool to work on myself. I experienced first hand how working on my outer world would influence my inner being and vice versa. I have since learnt to use my home not only as a haven and an anchor, but also very consciously as a tool to progress in every aspect of my life and I have guided many women through this very same process.

It is actually so much easier to change something in your life when you make the corresponding changes in your home!

Countless times I witnessed how changing an area of her home, be it sometimes as simple as clearing out a drawer, buying a bouquet of flowers or repainting a wall, transformed the life of the person who lived there. I invite you to make the following assumption: everything you have in your home is impacting you energetically, day in, day out. You do not need to ‘believe’ in energy, just look at your home and the things in there through this filter:“How is this item impacting me?” Do you feel elegant, uplifted, inspired and energised – or not?

For this week and for the rest of your life I invite you to think of an elegant home as a home that matches the very best of your inner world.

To feel like home, a place has to resonate with your past, your present and your future:

  • Your past is what anchors you and makes you feel grounded.
  • Your home need to support your present, that is your current lifestyle, your interests, your family situation, your financial realities etc. in the best possible way.
  • And your future: who is the woman you want to be? How would her home look like?

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