When I asked my community of Elegant Alchemists for feedback on where they currently were in their lives, many of the ladies shared the same feelings of overwhelm, stuck-ness, ennui or fatigue, too much to do, not knowing where to start…

And from having worked with many, many problems of my clients, I know that whenever that happens, the person is defined by her problem.

Of course, no one wants to be defined by their problems, but inadvertently, most of us are, and this is precisely what keeps us stuck in same old, same old!

In today’s episode we are going to look at what happens when you are defined by problems vs. when you are defining yourself with solutions (spoiler alert: that would be the Elegant Alchemy way :).

You are going to discover

  • The surprising relationship (or lack thereof) between a problem and a solution
  • How I discovered that I only ever had 2 solutions for each problem
  • How to find a solution before the problem is finished, create a fresh start and free yourself from the problem
  • The Elegant Alchemy approach to the right solution(s)

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