Here’s what I know: embracing your inner elegant woman will change your life. (And you don’t have to spend thousands on a designer wardrobe, sweat your way to a size 2 or quit your job to do it.)
Here’s what I also know: whilst our inner world shapes our outer world, our environment is constantly impacting our inner world.  Our homes bear witness to how we live our life.

An elegant home is a clutter-free home, I think we can all agree to this (if you don’t, please tell so in the comments. I’d be most interested to hear your opinion).
This begs the question: What is Clutter?

I can hear you saying,
Clutter is everything that is dirty, frumpy, dusty, messy, moldy, stuffy. That was easy. Next question, please.

Well, do you know that there is a kind of clutter far worse than the old sweatpants with holes in unholy places, the broken dustpan at the backdoor and Grandma’s moth-eaten bedsheets in the attic?

It may be quite new.
It may have cost a lot of money.
It may even look quite elegant.

And yet it’s clutter.

Wherever you find it in your home, it’s stealing your energy. Wonder why you feel stuck, why you can’t really get organised and feel like you’re going in circles? This might be what you need to look out for:

I’m talking about anything unfinished.

This form of clutter is harder to see and easier to ignore than the other types, but its effects are far reaching. Anything unfinished (…) clutters your psyche.” (Karen Kingston)

I’ve seen countless examples to prove this point, some of them _very_ close to home…

Anything unfinished is constantly pulling you back.
Anything unfinished  is creating insecurity.
Anything unfinished is constantly occupying your mind and, whether you are aware of it or not, it takes _a lot_ of energy to ignore it.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish in your life, whether you want to start something new, or let go of something you’ve outgrown or simply want to get clarity about the next steps in your life – when you have something unfinished, you are living with one foot on the brake and with the other one on the accelerator – using up a lot of fuel and not going very far.

Did you ever take the time to think about what are the unfinished things you are dragging behind?

– that toaster you meant to repair and which has been collecting dust on a shelf in the basement
– the online course you never liked in the first place but promised you’d absolutely finish this year
– the half-knitted sweater
– that pile of recipes, articles or quotes which would so inspire your life if only you had the time to organise them in a folder
– the old winter coat you have been planning to sell for months or years

… over to you!

What was the first thing that sprang to mind when you heard “something unfinished”?

Give yourself ten or fifteen minutes, whirlwind through your home and you are sure to find something unfinished! Get it out of the house and celebrate with a cup of tea or a glass of wine – you just lost some weight and gained new space in your home and in your energy! (To be repeated daily or weekly – you will soon get addicted!)

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