“The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today. You are arranging what is in Fortune’s control and abandoning what lies in yours.” Seneca

Seneca wrote this about 2000 years ago, which proves that humans haven’t fundamentally changed ;). His is an elegant way to say: “Stop playing the waiting game!”

What are we all waiting for? Currently the answer might be: “The end of Corona or at least Corona restrictions”, but this is just a smokescreen. We always seem to be waiting for something to happen, so that we can do what we really want to do. At least, this is the story we are telling ourselves.

“When I’ll have lost the weight/gotten a degree/taken a course/be married/be divorced/changed the job/paid of the mortgage, THEN…”

The trap here is that there is of course nothing wrong with getting a degree, being in a right-sized body, pay off the mortgage or take a creating writing course. But:

All these, mes chéries, serve you as excuses!

Whenever a woman is trapped in the waiting game, it’s almost always linked to the fear of stepping out and show herself to the world and to claim her space. 
The real reason behind all this waiting is: when I’ll find the courage.

How do you find the courage?

Thing is: you don’t find the courage when you wait. When you wait, you find excuses.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why do we passively wait?
  • What women tell themselves about waiting until the ‘right time’
  • The excuses we put in the way of our goals
  • How to find courage and push forward 
  • How to learn the story you have in your head – and outsmart it
  • The importance of decoupling yourself from failure
  • How to jump ahead and take action

Resources mentioned in the podcast: 7 excuses for not accomplishing things

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