A woman’s closet mirrors her life.

4. The Hanger conundrum: what happens when you stuff 3 shirts on one hanger?

– They will crease, all three of them.

– You’ll probably use only the first one.

– You’ll tell yourself that “soon” you’re going to weed out your wardrobe and create more space.

– You forget that you have that second and third shirt.

– If you do remember and want to use the second or third blouse, you have to take off the others first… and put them, erm… somewhere.

– And then hang them back up again, which is something you won’t do because you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time because you realize that your blouse is creased so you have to iron it before leaving the house, can’t do that now, so you grab a sweater instead. (You can breathe now 🙂

– You leave the house being late and grumpy because you are wearing a sweater instead of a shirt.

– Grimly you decide to tackle the situation tonight.

– You don’t.

And this, my friends, is all I have to say only one of the many things I have to say when it comes to multitasking. Multitasking, in my book, does to the quality of your energy the same what it does to those three shirts on one hanger.*


5. A mindful wardrobe

In Part One we touched on how to keep our closets and lives current and up to date. How to intentionally create the space.

I remember someone blurting out: “ If I were to throw out all my clothes which are not exactly fitting, there’d be hardly anything left in my wardrobe!”

“Brilliant”, I said, “Now you’re talking!”

The laws of physics state that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If your wardrobe is full with « not quite right » clothes that don’t really fit, that means there is no space for anything that can make you feel good in the body you have right now.

And if your wardrobe is stuffed with not quite right clothes, it’s a safe bet that there are (too) many not quite right things in your life either. No wonder you feel stuck!  Acknowledge and make space for what Is. Let go of clothes made for a body you feel you “should” have or desperately tell yourself you will have one day.

If you want something new and better to come into your life, you need to create the space for it first.

*I know Multitasking is a controversial subject. Let us know in the comments: what are your experiences and thoughts on Multitasking?


To be continued…

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