Imagine you visit the house of a woman you don’t know and you sneak a peek into her closet. You will at the first glance be able to tell a lot of what is going on in this woman’s life.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. A Place for Everything

Do you keep _all_ your clothes inside your wardrobe, or are they strewn all over the place? If your clothes are overflowing and chaotic, chances are there are other areas in your life that are overflowing and chaotic as well.

Our inner and outer worlds are in constant dialogue. Are you going over-budget on your spending? Are you over-eating to fill a void or react to boredom? Are your commitments overflowing because you can’t say NO without feeling guilty?

I am a big believer in the importance of paying attention to details in order to facilitate transformation. What a woman eats, reads, watches, spends, and wears are indicators of her values, struggles, and goals. They are also key tools that can enhance her inner experiences.

Start with the pleasurable details of curating a first-class vibe in your wardrobe!

2. Batching

It is a strange phenomenon: We put so much time, energy, and money into buying a new garment. Then we bring it home – and stuff it into any inch of space we can find in our wardrobe.

What belongs together stays together: trousers, shirts, dresses, lingerie. Color separating is also an excellent tool for an immediate upgrade.

Giving first-class attention to tasks and activities will have a similar effect on our inner peace and outer control. The results will show in higher quality in every area of our lives. No stuffing life events when you “have a minute”, “stop again”, “get distracted”, “start again”, etc. etc!

Categorising and batching don’t mean the end of spontaneity. On the contrary, once you try it out, you will notice an agenda as well as a wardrobe that work with you, not against you, creating new energy and elegance.

3. Keep it current

You look at photos from yourself from a decade ago and think, “God, I did look young!” And then do you ask yourself, “What on EARTH was I wearing?” (And if you don’t say it, your children will!)

Times change. Tastes, fashion, bodies change. What about your wardrobe? Are you holding onto pieces that don’t fit the woman you are today? Not just in size and shape, but in style and quality. It’s time to let them go.

It’s the same with people. Some of the smiling faces in your old photos are still in your life and you love and cherish them. Yet some are still in your life and you don’t really know why. Are they embracing and supporting the woman you are today? If not, you can be sure that you in turn are not enhancing their lives either. Wish them well and let them go.

And your activities. No need to forge onward if they are no longer bringing you joy. After the first enthusiastic six months, you may find yourself rather bored on the golf course. But you feel guilty because you invested a lot of money in the equipment, lessons, a new outfit for the green.

The truth is, we evolve. People and activities get worn out. Wouldn’t it be better to create some new space in your life for what makes you feel alive and brings out the best in you?

To be continued…

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