Do you know this feeling? You come back from vacation, having spent some weeks in a different state, country or even continent. And as you enter your house, it looks so different or rather you look at it with new eyes: Suddenly you are aware of the beauty of the fireplace you’re always taking for granted and, on the other hand, of that clutter on the bookshelf you’ve also taken for granted and not even noticed for the longest time….

Some things are draining us, some are giving us energy. Some make us feel elegant and beautiful, some make us feel small, frumpy and inadequate. In our everyday hustle we often ‘forget’ about what clips our wings and keeps us small, day in, day out. Back from vacation it’s time to look at your life with new eyes. Time for some honesty.

Back from holidays assessment

This list might not be an uplifting one. Actually, these are all points women talked about during the 50 Conversations. If they seem depressing, it’s because they are!

But: once you get clear about it, everything, and I mean everything can be transformed! . A woman which would have declare the above picture her personal nemesis, did feel exactly like the lady in the photo one hour later. An amazing number of ladies did exactly that after our session – and so can you! Do not let the voice in your head (you know, the one that keeps repeating that you’re not ‘good enough’) tell you otherwise.

39 Energy drains plus a ‘Bonus’ Story

1.) Your home is not reflecting the woman you want to be

2.) You spend too much time on the internet/watching TV/social media

3.) You are unhappy about your weight

4.) You have a health issue and avoid taking care of it

5.) You hate the way your hair looks

6.) You have no idea how you’re going to pay your bills

7.) There is a decision you need to make…

8.) You have a relationship in your life that is wrong for you and that you need to end.

9.) You haven’t read a book in months.

10.) Your house needs a thorough cleaning.

11.) You have people in your life that cause you continuous stress and anxiety.

12.) You don’t like the location where you live

13.) You spend more than you earn

14.) You’re aching for more beauty in your life.

15.) You don’t feel safe in your home

16.) You have debt (other than the mortgage of your home)

17.) Your tax files are not up to date.

18.) Your clothes don’t make you feel feminine, confident and elegant

20.) Your lingerie doesn’t even deserve the name

21.) You have no idea how to organise your home or your papers

22.) You feel trapped by old hurts

23.) You have emails, letters, phone calls that need to be answered or addressed

24.) Your values and needs are being hurt in your current relationship

25.) You sleep better in a hotel room than in your own bed

26.) You are eating food that stuffs you rather than fuels you

27.) It’s been more than a year that you went to the dentist/gynaecologist/for a health check

28.) You dread going back to work because you do not have the training or knowledge to be as productive as you want to be

29.) You do not have the necessary equipment to do your work well

30.) Your job is constantly draining your energy and stressing you out

31.) You have a dream but are afraid to follow it

32.) You allow your partner or your boss to treat you without respect

33.) You feel belittled in your life because you don’t have a romantic partner or children

34.) You don’t move your body on a regular basis.

35.) You don’t have a personal/creative interest that stimulates and fulfils you

36.) You feel constantly overwhelmed by all the things that are to do and all the information you’ll need to process

37.) You have no savings.

38.) Your car needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

39.) You don’t really know what’s your life’s purpose is.

And here comes the bonus story you might be telling yourself: “I have to do it all on my own, and there’s no one to help me with.” Let me tell you, I have learnt the hard way about all the havoc this one thought can create.

What to do next

If you said Yes to one or several to these points, it’s time to take action, and the best time is now! Stay tuned: next Monday I’m going to show you the best way to tackle those energy drains. Until then: make a list of your top three, the ones that’ll give you the biggest ROI once solved and we’ll continue this conversation next week.

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