We are experiencing times that are as fascinating as they are uncertain and challenging. Country by country is putting people into quarantine, and all of a sudden the role our homes play in our lives has been catapulted to the forefront!

The best thing (whether obliged by law or not) we all can do at the moment is to stay at home. You might discover that your home is not the haven you’d wish it to be. Now more than ever your home is having a major impact on your wellbeing and sanity! How can you make the best of your home? How can your home help you make the best of your life?

My journey to my best Self via my home began many years ago. Since then I have explored extensively on how we can live our best lives with the help of our homes.

Home as Haven – a free online Workshop

I’m sharing my best tips on how to stay resilient with the help of your home in this free online workshop: Home as Haven.

You are going to learn

– The most important thing you need to get rid of right away in order to preserve your energy.

– 3 simple steps on how to upgrade your environment in order to boost your resilience.

– How to set up your home to cultivate the 3 most important qualities you need right now.

Make sure to come over – we are all going to need our resources in the coming months and weeks!


A collection of articles what to do in with your Home

If you are disorganised, now might be the best moment in your life to do something about it! Some homes are addicted to struggle. Start by throwing out those 100 Things, and you are guaranteed to feel lighter, more elegant and more optimistic! Make sure to get rid of what is the worst thing you can have in your home.

100 things seems way too much? Then start by exploring your wardrobe, which can act as your Life Coach in many ways!

However, a house make-over can also have its pitfalls. Then there are our blind spots.  Decluttering has its hidden traps.

But it’s not only about what NOT to have in your home. Our environment can make or break our habits.

And finally, what we surround ourselves with can carry hope and solace, even in the most difficult of times, as a simple mug did for me.

In fact, the question,THE question when it comes to your home is always:

Does your Home reflect the best possible version of yourself?

The important thing here is to understand that this doesn’t stop at ‘reflect’. Actually, a person and her home interact in many ways, and when you know how to align your home to who you want to be, your home then can do much, much more than just ‘reflect’ back to you! 

If you don’t know where to start, always start by getting some clarity.

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